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Oh "/tmp/" where art thou? (Cache problems)

mikey boy

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I ran Easy Populate recently to update my inventory, the result was chaos. Products appeared in the wrong categories, the category list wasn't updated correctly & deleted products were still appearing.


I thought it was a databse problem, but turning off the OsC cache sorted it all out.


However .....(you knew that was coming, huh?) I would like to run with the cache, as this speeds things up. So I would like to clear it out & turn it back on. But where is it?


The Admin panel says its in /tmp/ but I can't find that anywhere on my server. Is it hidden, like the system files on Windows? Is it on a part of the server I can't see? How do I access it & how do I clear it out?


I have read lots of posts that deal with the /tmp/ folder, but not seen anything like this. Some mention that you can save your cache sessiosn to the MYSql db, but (as usual) this blows my kind & my serup doesn't look the same when I go to take a peek. Sicne I've crashed the site once before doing things like this I want to keep it simple.


Any advice always greatfully received.



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My limited testing with cache was also a pain trying to set the appropriate path for the cache files.


In Admin->configuration->cache I ended up entering "null" (deleted entry) for the Cache Directory. Turning cache to true then seeing where files were created.


It turned out the cache files were then created in the root of the catalog directory.


To clear them out all you need to do is delete them.


As far as setting the Cache Directory to some other folder etc. I was unable to reliably get the files created in any other folder or relative folder. I only messed with it for a few minutes so maybe you'll have better luck.



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