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The e-commerce.

from shopping cart directly to pay pal


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I have checked the forums and contributions and cannot find anything that meets my pay-pal needs. I want to go from the following?




Directly to?




Without any pages in between.


There are about 7 or 8 pages of information a customer has to fill in and review before actually reaching the pay-pal payment page. All I offer is pay-pal payments and pay-pal already has the customers billing and shipping information.


It would be nice to have a PAY-PAL button right beside the ?Check out? button that would take a customer directly there. Where (if anywhere) would I find something like this, I have PayPal_Shopping_Cart_IPN and ?Proceed Directly to Checkout without an account?, installed. Any help would be appreciated.

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everything went according to instructions, but I get the following error when I click the checkout button.


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class shipping in /home/virtual/site86/fst/var/www/html/oscommerce/includes/classes/shipping.php on line 13

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Check for white space (blank lines or spaces before the opening or after the closing php tag on any pages you have edited).




Paypal Pro is a new concept the paypal has released. Currently in BETA only a few have been allowed to be the test cases for it. It has been out for about a month now. So it is no surprise you do not know of it. BETA testers were emailed directly from paypal and I was lucky enough to be included and one of the first to sign up for it.


There is another thread on this and if you do a search for "paypal pro" or even look in the contriution support section for the last few threads posted within the last day or so you will find there are post about this and a few are working on trying to get it installed. Looks like there are still some bugs in the system, but I'm now watching the thread as I would be highly interested in installing it into my site once they work it out and it is working with out any flukes in it. Nothing worse than a customer filling up a basket only to find that the checkout system is screwed up or they need a degree and a half day to fill in all the info to process their order.

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