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No TAX showing in Admin side


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Hi Forum,


Ok my eyes are hanging out of my head ive trawled through this and can find no mention of it.


While this problem doesnt affect the functionality of my shop it does tick me off at times as it affects a number of contributions and admin areas.


All my catalog side is fine - my shipping and checkout all work ok. All my Admin side however is not adding tax to the prices it displays. So everything in admin is ex tax and i have to be constantly doing running calculations when modifying products. Im running MS2.2 and so far as i can remember it has always done this.


Wondering if anyone else had this issue and could share the joy.


Cheers & thanks! :thumbsup:

And with a 9 in 10 search rate success the no.1 returned Oscommerce forum hit:

"The administrator has enabled flood control - please try again in 30 seconds."


Never fails.


Every time.

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hmmm. My admin showed tax added up until after the 20th product in one of my categories, then on the 21st and so on it no longer added the tax for me in the admin area. Must be some setting somewhere?

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