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The e-commerce.

Title in oscommerce


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Go into includes/language/english.php and find


define('TITLE', 'osCommerce');


Change this to


define('TITLE', '***** ServBrasil ****');


Hope I helped.

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I change it but don?t appear the new title!!!


Thank you for the fast!!!




$Id: espanol.php,v 2003/09/18 19:04:25 wilt Exp $


osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions



Copyright © 2003 osCommerce


Released under the GNU General Public License



// look in your $PATH_LOCALE/locale directory for available locales

// or type locale -a on the server.

// Examples:

// on RedHat try 'es_ES'

// on FreeBSD try 'es_ES.ISO_8859-1'

// on Windows try 'sp', or 'Spanish'

@setlocale(LC_TIME, 'es_ES.ISO_8859-1');


define('DATE_FORMAT_SHORT', '%d/%m/%Y'); // this is used for strftime()

define('DATE_FORMAT_LONG', '%A %d %B, %Y'); // this is used for strftime()

define('DATE_FORMAT', 'd/m/Y'); // this is used for date()




// Return date in raw format

// $date should be in format mm/dd/yyyy

// raw date is in format YYYYMMDD, or DDMMYYYY

function tep_date_raw($date, $reverse = false) {

if ($reverse) {

return substr($date, 0, 2) . substr($date, 3, 2) . substr($date, 6, 4);

} else {

return substr($date, 6, 4) . substr($date, 3, 2) . substr($date, 0, 2);




// if USE_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE_CURRENCY is true, use the following currency, instead of the applications default currency (used when changing language)



// Global entries for the <html> tag

define('HTML_PARAMS','dir="LTR" lang="es"');


// charset for web pages and emails

define('CHARSET', 'iso-8859-1');


// page title

define('TITLE', '***** ServBrasil *****');


// header text in includes/header.php

define('HEADER_TITLE_CREATE_ACCOUNT', 'Crear Cuenta');

define('HEADER_TITLE_MY_ACCOUNT', 'Mi Cuenta');

define('HEADER_TITLE_CART_CONTENTS', 'Ver Cesta');

define('HEADER_TITLE_CHECKOUT', 'Realizar Pedido');

define('HEADER_TITLE_TOP', 'Inicio');

define('HEADER_TITLE_CATALOG', 'Catálogo');

define('HEADER_TITLE_LOGOFF', 'Salir');

define('HEADER_TITLE_LOGIN', 'Ingresar');

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are you changing the correct language file?


Make sure you are changing the files under your catalog




and not the ones under your admin






When I go to your site in English it has osCommerce as the title, when switching to Spanish it has 'OSCommerce CRE Loaded 6 Store' as the title.


Failing all this get yourself a windows GREP tool and search all the files for the string you want to change

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I?m having problem to change the top Title, for one if I want. And I can?t make. Can somebody help me?




in the top appear oscommerce CRE loaded 6 Store. And I want to put ***** ServBrasil ****





is there any way for visitors to turn off that music on your site?

i stayed 12 seconds i think!

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About the music I don?t know how to put anything like a display to pause, stop or change the music, if anybody have any contribution I will stay happy.




About the title I can?t change, because I can?t find where is the problem; I think I open all the files searching this title, because is diferent in Spanish and English, but I don?t find.


Bye, bye.

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