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Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger "Register_globals" problems


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I'm I the only one that had this problem? Thought I should document the "fix".


I recently upgraded to Mac 10.4 Tiger. Great upgrade, even runs well on my old G4 quicksilver. You can even get php widgets for dashboard.


Anyway, after the install I went to my local server to tweak my site and was greeted with a Register_Globals is Off, Please turn on in php.ini. Turns out 10.4 if a newer version of php and register_globals is off by default for security reasons. Well I need it on to complete my website.

In the finder push command>shift G and type in "/etc" Find the php.ini.default file and copy it to your desktop. Open with textedit/bbedit and search for register_globals Swap "Off" to "On" and save the file as php.ini (Keep clean copys of these files btw) Drag PHP.ini back to /etc folder. You'll need to authenticate.


Open terminal and type in "sudo apachectl restart" this should restart your webserver. You could always just restart your computer to. Open up safari and go to your site.


OH! Even befor you can do this stuff you have to turn PHP on in 10.4. Heres a great article about doing that at http://www.phpmac.com/articles.php?view=225


I guess there is a new way of registering variables that I need to read up on. It's much more secure, so I'm told.


Anyway, Hope this helps someone.



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