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The e-commerce.

Sorry cant find it. Just adding to contact page


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Sorry people, have sloved some problems on my own. if you look at www.gak.co.uk the contact us page has a new box with there address, link to e-mail etc.


Please what is the best way to do this.


I will stay around and help to when I am more savvy

Cheers a lot

James :D

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I like the Contact Us Choice contribution. It will easily add the info you want plus some other great features. Out of the box it does not look exactly like what you are looking for but it can be "tweeked" to create the box. Adding the code in yourself can be done but if you are not comfortable with PHP then the contribution might be the easier route also the "added" features make it a very good choice.


There is also Contact Us - More info on the page but it is now very old so I don't know if it will work with a current store.


I also have HelpDesk For osCommerce installed also. It works well with Contact Us Choice and ties everything in. When a customer sends an email through the contact us page it goes into my admin where it can be viewed and responded too. It keeps all the emails in the same thread also. I find it works quite well. You might want to check it out at the same time.


Check out my "live shop" and you can see what the Contact Us Choice looks like.





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Cheers guys. I will get right onto it, im not ok with PHP but am with HTML etc will look at the contribution as it has some features I dont know how to code :).


Simple but good idea Mark, Cheers for you help as well. :)


Nice :)

James / firespinna

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Mr Java

I have tryed the contribution and it works fine. BUT lol boxes have appeared from knowhere. 'Languages' and 'currency' which I never have had before as I dont want them and 'shopping car't and 'review boxes' are also appeared on the rigth hand side!


Ideas? Thanks for this


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