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How do you delete multiple orders


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I need to delete a bunch of orders that came through when for some reason the order total options were not set so the orders will not come up unless you type in the order #. I have no way of deleting them short of going into the database and removing them one by one. Is there a contribution available for deleting orders? I know the order edit contrib did not work out cause it does not provide fields where you can enter a total for the order. If all else fails and I am going to have to go into the sql and remove line by line can someone give me a list of all the tables I will have to go into. I want to make sure I get all of them so I do not run into problems when more orders generate.



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Why can't you just delete them from your admin? In customers/orders

Do you not have the delete button besides the order? next to the edit button.



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I must not have been clear on my explaination. For these orders no delete button shows up, otherwise I would have been smart enough to figure out how to delete them. Up until this problem I have been running 2 very successful oscommerce stores, installed a lot of contributions and never had a problem that was not an easy fix. I had my business closed from late Jan 2005 until just this last month and somehow all the problems happened during that time like orders getting created and who knows where they came from. I have been playing with OScommerce since early 2003 and there is not a lot I can not figure out on my own, except for this. And I could get them deleted one by one but I do not want to have to delete a few hundred entries through phpmyadmin, that would suck. i have better things to do with my time, like sleep.



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