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The e-commerce.

whats the best C.C. payment company?


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Are you in the UK?


I found HSBC to give the best rates for a merchant account, alot of the time it is dependant on turnover, I still have a fairly small turnover but pay 2.6% on credit cards, and 20p on debit cards.


For the secure PSP part I use Secure Trading to handle the payments, and they charge 1.5% of all authorised settled transactions.


HSBC like most other banks, do have an all in one solution, where they provide the PSP part aswell, but couldnt really find any contributions for making it work with oscommerce, and I was allready using Secure Trading anyway from when I was with Barclays paying 4.5% and 40p for credit and debit cards.

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I used Worldpay for a year, expensive to set up and expensive to use. Plus you don't see your money for a month. I've just changed over to SECPay as the payment gateway, using Streamline as the merchant, most UK banks use this but it doesn't really matter if you bank with them or not as you nominate which bank you want your money to be transferred to from SECPay. Very easy to use, one very simple payment page with all you need on it and most of all cheap per transaction and you get the money in your account within a couple of days.




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Plus you don't see your money for a month.

Alot of banks are putting this on new internet merchant accounts for the first year, they call it 30 day deffered settlement.


This was a big problem for me for the first year, as really held me back by not getting the money for 30 days, as I got busier I had ever bigger bills coming in, but didnt get the extra income for another month.

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I need to use secpay and have installed it however i need help with.....


1) when you go to the pay using secpay it only has the default secpay form - how do i change this??

2) cant go back to the shop from the secpay form (if someone changes their mind)

3) after the card input it just goes back to the main page of the shop

4) the customer email just has "NEW ORDER (Details attached)" and a file that doesnt open when you click on it - as it has no extension can this be put direct into the body of the email?


if anyone can help please

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