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The e-commerce.

Install failure


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Trying to install oscommerce on apache 1.3 with php5.04 and mysql 4.1. I get to the page that asks if you would like to auto configure and wether or not you want to import and setup the sample database, click on yes for both and hit continue..... only to be returned to that page. I've searched the web and found nothing like this. I found one error in the error log for the web page that basically said that oscommerce was trying to connect to mysql with no user and password to a non-existent database, which makes sense since I was never sent to the page that allows me to put in those parameters. I'm sure that I'm missing something simple but for the life of me I can't find it. I know php is working, I know mysql is working, I know apache is working (I'm hosting 15 websites, a few of which are using phpBB as a bulletin board).


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance


Craig Russell


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Continued searching discovered that this fixes the problem

register_long_arrays = on in php.ini


So far the install has been smooth other than problem which seemed to be obscure since i found that on the 4th page of google results.


My admin page is coming up blank but my webserver is throwing error messages for this one so I have something to work on.





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you will need to do additional mods, as php5 is not compatible with MS2.2 release, be better off going back to php 4.3.11

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I am having the same exact problem with my cart. I was looking everywhere for someone having the same problem. I made the changes you were talking about in the php.ini file and that fixed the install but now Im in the same boat as you with my admin tools page not working. If you figure out how to fix this make sure you post how you did it. Thanks.

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