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Need Help with multiple prices on attributes


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We sell chemicals in 5, 30, and 55 gallon drums. When I set the product attributes, it shows the base price for 5 gallon drums, say $20.00, then +120.00 for 30 gallon drums, and +220.00 for 55 gallon drums.


I would like it to show the actual price, like $20.00 5gallon, $140.00 for 30gallon, and $240.00 for 50gallon on the page that shows the product information.


The current way it is set, to + a certain price to the base price, seems confusing to some customers, and also causes them to do some unnecessary calculations. Is there any way to set these attributes to that it just shows the actual price? I tried using the = sign and that didn't work. and help would be greatly appreciated

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Input your price (less the tax element) in the attributes section and delete the '+' sign. The price displayed should then be the price you pay.





It displays the price in brackets in the attributes box, but doesn't record the correct price in the shopping cart.

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