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The e-commerce.

is it possible


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to take an html template and make it work with osc. I am running out of time. i have roughly 2 weeks TOPS to get this done. I do not want to do it myself as osc drives me nuts and I'm about to give up on it entirely.


the template is this: http://www.pixellogo.com/thumbnails/full_053.jpg

I have the template already. The owners gave it to me to see if it were possible to even do this. They're interested I guess in going that direction if it works.


But anyhow. I need to know A. can it be done? B. in two weeks? and C. does anyone here do this conversion or know of a person or company I can go through?


Money is definitely an issue I'm a poor college kid and make vinyl graphics for a living so...yea




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2 ways to go:

1) edit index.php, product_info.php, account_history_info.php, etc in exactly the same way so that they all look like your template

2) use STS or BTS and use one template file


If you must use a templating system, look in burt's oscommerce weblog for his entry about templating systems.



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