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The e-commerce.



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Hello and thanks for looking.

i have been designing this online shop for a friend of mine and would like to ask some of the designers from this forum to take a look and let me know there views.



you can find the store at www.sceshop.co.uk


he is hoping to have the store fully stocked and online by next week so any feedback would be appreciated TIA

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I guess not then.


Personally I wouldn't enter my address or password through an unsecure connection, but thats just me.

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site is slow to load, and there is a broken image on the front page ... probably a turn-off for most people.



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Your site seems very slow to load. On my 56k modem, i gave up waiting. On broadband it didnt seem to fair much better.


When it did eventually load, i have a quick look around.


You have lots of empty categories. Either put something in them, or remove them. Nothing worse than clicking on a link, and finding nothing there. The same goes for your shipping & returns and privacy.



Your enlarged image for this item is horrible, and the description is a bit short, compared to some of the others.


knowhere on your site could i find an address and contact phone number. This would put alot of people off.


On youre create account page move the postcode to its correct page. It should also be moved in other files aswell, to give the correct uk address layout. I would add back in the second addres field that you have removed, as it would give a space for those people who have longer addresses, or house names.


I would get an ssl so that some of your customers details are protected. Most hosts include at least a shared ssl in their packages. It would be better than nothing.


I am sure that there is other things, and that other people will be along to tell you so.


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