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Add To Cart - URL ??


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Hi there,


Just wondering if anyone knows of a quick answer to this.


Is there any way of finding out the URL for one of the 'Add To Cart' buttons in an osCommerce store. What I would like to be able to do is to create a website using Post Nuke and osCommerce but to be able to have a nice HTML page laid out in Post Nuke as I can do more with the design for each seperate product than I can with osCommerce (even using STS) but then on this static HTML page be able to have an 'Add To Cart' button that will add one of the products to the cart. I would then use osCommerce for everything afterwards such as showing the cart and purchasing it is just the initial product page that I would like to have more like the rest of the site and unfortunately osCommerce doesn't have enough layout leeway as I would like.


So what I am really after is probably something like : (Totally wrong URL coming up!!)




and this will add one of the items to the cart and then either return to the page I was just on or show the shopping cart.


Also if anyone does know if I can grab hold of this URL then is there any danger in doing it this way as I realise that the osCommerce Session ID wouldn't get passed by doing this but I am pretty sure that that shouldn't matter too much.


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.




Mark Bowen

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Not sure if this will help... but if you make sure your status bar is visible ("view" -> "status bar"), you can hover your mouse over the add to cart button and the path will be shown in the status bar.



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Hi shanny,


Unfortunately not. The 'Add To Cart' button is submit button for a form so no joy there. All it says is 'submit form'. I did however go through the source code of the page and found what I was looking for. It was something like this :




However even though this is the URL for the submit button it didn't seem to work.


If anyone has any ideas as to why then I would be eternally greatful.


Once again thanks for the idea shanny.





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