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EasyPopulate product into more than one category?


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Hi all,


I originally posted in "Install and Config" but now I think about it my issue is more appropriate here :blush:


I'm plugging through my datafile here ready to populate my store using Easy Populate.


I have ~2500 items in my shop to upload :'(


I have some items that are relevant to more than one category - eg it can be used on more than one model of bike.


Just to elaborate on this a little, here's the title row and first line of my easy populate file:


v_products_model v_products_name_1 v_products_quantity v_products_price v_manufacturers_name v_categories_name_1 v_categories_name_2 v_categories_name_3 v_categories_name_4    
05702 Aprilia FUTURA  F/EXTENDA 2.00 14.85 Aprilia Aprilia Futura  Extenda Fendas EOREOR


The way I've rigged the layout is:


manufacturer - manufacturer

Cat 1 name - manufacturer

Cat 2 name - bike model

Cat 3 name - bike year

Cat 4 name - product family



I've listed manufacturer as cat 1 in order to keep the number of categories showing on the main page down a little - this way there'll be 8 showing, rather than the 40-50+ there would have been if I'd used bike model as level 1 :blink: blink.gif


A product is usually specific to a single year of bike, but I have a few 'generics' that will cover 2 or 3 different models.


Currently I have them in my file as a separate level 3 category - eg 97-99 - but I'd really like a way to have all relevant categories flagged, so if someone drilled down to a CBR600 98 shape, they'd get all relevant data at once, rather than having to click on 98, 97-99, 94-00 etc - it just doesn't seem right!


Can anyone suggest a neater way of doing this before I import my data?


I've searched the forum and noted the "Copy Link To" function, so I could theoretically set a product as suited to a '98 bike, and then copy it to the 99, 2000, 2001 categories, but this would have to be done individually for each product :'(


Could EP handle this with a tweak somewhere?


Am I even categorising my data in the best way? :o


Many thanks,


Dan :blush: :'(

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Thanx Brent - I thought EP specifies that each row must have a unique Product ID code?


I'm trying to keep to a single db entry for stock control purposes, but I'd like it appearing in multiple categories in the same way that the Copy Link to.. function works.


Thanks again,


Dan :)

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi all,


Just an update - I've decided to scrap the individual bike year category, as it was just too complex :blink:


I do still have parts that are usable on more than one bike though (lots of them!) and I can't figure out a way to let EasyPopulate copy the product to more than one category..


Does anyone have any ideas on this, or am I gonna have to do it manually? :blush:


Thanks for your time,



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I think I may be being a little dumb here - I don't actually want the product itself copied into several categories, I think I need a way to get EP to perform the "copy link" function into the relevant extra categories.


Has anyone done/tried this?


I'm a complete PHP idiot although I'm handy in HTML - I'll have a crack at it myself but *any* advice from you more experienced guys would be appreciated :blush:


Thanks for reading,


Dan :)

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