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background image with center shop?


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I have the center shop contribution (by webmakers)


the admin section lets you change the background color, but i want to change the background to a repeated image that repeats outside the store.


I've tried edited css in the body section, but no luck.. nothing changes.


background-image: url(images/image.jpg);


Nothing... no image, not even once.

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Yo have to edit the header.php file in one of the tables you will see bgcolor - You can either use the standard bgbackground="" or edit a style and make the table = a class="".


But you can then add any image you want.





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I don't know about center shop, as I'm using Vger's mod for centering my stores, but I'd try to add the link the way I have it:




in your code, the enclosing ' .... ' are missing




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Just in case anyone in the future needs to do this, this is what I did:


in header.php, around line 71 I added background="/image/imagename.jpg" to the following table formatting section:


<table width="100%" cellpadding="<?php echo CENTER_SHOP_PADDING; ?>" cellspacing="0" border="0" background="images/pgbackground.jpg" bgcolor="<?php echo CENTER_SHOP_BACKGROUND_COLOR_OUT; ?>">



Your may be slightly different, as I have the center shop contribution installed.


Final note:


Adding the graphic as I did overrides the background color control in the admin, as provided by the center shop contribution.


Thanks for the 2 posters for their help.

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