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Help with shipping


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I have a site and we sale books. Right now it's flat rate shipping at $3.99/book. However, when people buy 3 books it is still $3.99. I thought I could setup custom shipping rates where a user can select "1 book @ $3.99, 2 books at $5.50, etc.".


However, I don't see that option. What is the best way to handle this?


1 book 3.99

2 books 5.50

3 books 6.50

International (UK, Canada) $10

If someone ordered 50 books is there anything in the system to stop them now from getting the 3.99 flat rate?


Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

Jason Miller


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There are a ton of shipping modules. Have you tried taking a look through the contributions?


Sounds like a flat rate is not a good idea in your situation. Maybe a table rate based on price or weight? You could put each book as one pound and set up a table rate that way to get what you mentioned in your post but there may be better options for you.

Wendy James


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