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delete freak


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<_< okay...pleading ignorance is not going to help me in this case. just plain stupid, but i've learned my lesson...NO MORE DELETING!!! it breaks stuff. i get that now.


i deleted the COD part in cat/inclds/lang/eng/modules/payment. now i have a whole bunch of errors. i didn't know i could just shut the option off. :blush: if someone could explain how i can replace this i would be forever thankful (i need the code that i trashed and if goes back in as a "new file"?!? as i said...i'm completely ignorant here.)


also is there a place that exists where a default site is set up to copy and paste the text/code, etc. when stuff like this happens? that would be a great help.


sincerely troubled w/ issues

kim :blink:

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If the file wasnt modded, then you can just replace it with an original one and thatll fix your problem, if that is the only file that you touched.


As for text and code copy paste, i just use php designer, and when i mod file i just name the old with a number after the name so its still there and just put the modded one in there too. so if anything happens all i have to do is delete the modded one and rename the origianl to what it was before, problem fixed.

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