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Small Order Surchage


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Hi all

I have spent hours trying to get this to work and am really needing some help. I want to set the low order surchage to apply to orders more than $1.00 and less then $125. This is because we provide a free cutting service (fabrics) and the surcharge does not apply to this. Once the customer actually purchases a length of fabric, the order total will be above $0.00 and this is when I want the surchage to kick in. Once the order reaches $125, then there is no surcharge either.


In otherwords , I want the free cutting service to be totally free irregardless of how many items (still add up to $0.00) but I do need a small order surcharge for the fabric orders.


I have been playing round with the ot_loworderfee.php file and my reasoning is I just have to get it to apply to orders between $0.01 and $125. But every formula I try doesn't work - I don't know much about php formulas. It would be good to add to the Admin side another field to say apply to orders above this amount as well as the current one to say apply to orders below this amount.


I did actually try to get the free handling charge contribution to adjust the total (ie if the subtotal adds up to $0.00 then a free hangling charge of -$15.00 would be applied which would remove the surcharge but it all got to complicated as that contribution works on quantity which meant that if there was 2 free samples, -$30 would be removed!


Hopefully this makes sense - I have managed to get it all working in terms of free shipping and payment - this is the last step!


Any help would be appreciated.


If you want to visit the site it is www.wgtrade.com.au



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Had some inspiration and I solved it - its a bit messy but it works! :thumbsup:


Installed the Handling fee contribution (which actually did the same as the low order fee - no change) and altered line 40:


if ( ($pass == true) && ( ($order->info['total'] - $order->info['shipping_cost']) < MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_HANDLINGFEE_ORDER_UNDER) ) {


All I changed was the < (was >) before MODULE. I set the handling fee to activate on orders below $1.00 and to charge -$15.00. This counteracted the small order surchage. As soon as the order was above $1.00, the handling fee does not apply but the surcharge does. I have changed the name of the handling fee to refer to the free cuttings. Once the order was above $25, no charges apply!


Hope this all makes sense but just wanted to put it up in the forum in case anyone else was looking to do the same thing!


Now onto the next problem......!! :(

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