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The thing I hate about setting up an online store is that you can't really test the payment proccess so I'm sorry if I ask newbie questions, I would try to figure it out on my own.


Ok so I got osCommerce running and configured the PayPal module but now lets say someone wants to purchase an item and wants to pay with credit card... Is that avaiable for free through paypal or will paypal require each customer to sign-up after they already signed up at my store and then add a bankaccount to their paypal to make a payment?


Or does Paypal proccess the credit card payment, take a % and put the rest into my PayPal account...?

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The customer does not have to sign up with paypal to pay with a credit card.

BUT: Many customers do not like to pay via paypal, either this or that way, one reason I fumbled for weeks to set up an osc store.

And I noticed that a certain kind of customers are trying to rip you off, paypal

only protects sellers when the customer is verified and the goods are shipped to a confirmed address with an internet trackable delivery number.

I was stupid (trustful) enough to mail to unverified customers and/or unconfirmed addresses only to have paypal help those customers with a charge back.

My advcice: read the small print and read it twice and then another time.

Kristine Running Wolf

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if your in the UK try Nochex.com its very good only allows uk customers to use there cards but still very good anc cheap



My fav site


Spend most my cash there dont tell the wife:-)

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oh people do that... well I guess that could happen with any company you use.


Yes, chargebacks happen with credit cards through a gateway too. But RW speaks the truth that Paypal's Seller Protection Policy is weak. Almost useless, in fact.


For credit card purchases, we depend on the MaxMind fraud detection (free) service. You'll get nothing like that with Paypal.






OK, off the soapbox now... :P

"Buy the ticket, take the ride..." -HST

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