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The e-commerce.

Hoping to go live soon


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Hi everyone,


I'm new to the forum and have seen some great sites. I am hoping to go live with my site in Australia soon and would welcome any feedback you guys have to offer. There are still a few cleanups to do, some pages to finish off and I'm still perfecting the Aussie to US dollar conversion for 2CO, other than that - hopefully its a go.


Look forward to your comments, the site is Perfect Bride.


cheers B)

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I think the boxes without the borders is a good idea. It keeps the focus on the items and overall is a cleaner look. I would remove the log in at the top and also install the header tags controller contribution allowing you to change the title at the top of your browser for every page as well as assign keywords and descriptions to individual items in your shop. The "G" is cut off on "Large" under Tiaras. I like the pricing option from low to highest. I might implement that myself. On some pages, the pictures are large enough such that it pushes the right colomn out of my screen and I have to scroll. Think about installing a thumbnail contrinutiuon as well as using a fix width table.


Thats all for now..gotta make some calls today.


Take care.



here is my site to check out the contributions I mentioned. Notice the table and view the source on product pages to see the header tags at work.


My Webpage


Anyhow, I am no veteran, but I ahve been working kinda hard for the last couple months and thanks to these forums, I am doing well business-wise.

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Thanks heaps for your feedback. I have fixed most of the elements that you mentioned and am working of inplimenting the header controll contrib.


I am not getting very many other comments though? Have I committed a fo-par?? I am very new to this so all comments and feedback is more than welcome.


cheers, Skye

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I think your site looks great! The only thing that stood out to me was the "sign in", "continue", "back" Buttons (there a bunch of these buttons:-) They would look really great and fit in with your overall look if they were like your Infobox Headings.


Nice Job!

Log Cabin Fever Gifts

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