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Simple Javascript popup problem


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Basically ive added an extra pop up bit of javascript to the header to pop up some information and help files. I want to invoke these popups from the main page and information box.


From the main page i call


<a href="javascript:globalPopupWindow('help/products/index.htm#features')">


and as thats a html description it works fine the problem is when i try and call it from within php code. as below...




'<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_CONTACT_US) . '">' . BOX_INFORMATION_CONTACT . '</a><br>' .
          '<a href="javascript:globalPopupWindow( 'help/products/index.htm#features )"> Help </a><br>');


This is from within the php code of the infobox and because it uses ' all around as soon as i put them in for javascript it thinks im defining php code not text. If i use no quotations the javascript wont work and if i use " it loads fine but the link is to java script:globalPopupWindow( as it closes the href tag.


For some reason i cant think of a way around this simple looking problem, so if someone could jsut give me a hand id really appreciate it!



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<?php echo '<a href="javascript:globalPopupWindow( 'help/products/index.htm#features )"> Help </a><br>'); ?>




<?php echo '<a href="javascript:popupWindow(\'' . tep_href_link('help/products/index.htm#features') . '\')">' . Help . '</a>'; ?>

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