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The e-commerce.

Live for a week and only 1 sale :(


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First impression when it loaded was don't like the colours.

It's all too pale, with the pale background aswell, it all sort of blurs into one and doesn't make me want to stay and keep looking. I did though just for this.

I would play around with the background colour to try and get the main page to stand out a bit more.

Your "about us" doesn't say anything about you.

I wouldn't buy with the prospect that it "might" take up to a month to recieve it. If you can't deliver it in the 5 days that you state, put it in the description if that particular item is going to take longer. Try something like, delivery in 5 working days, unless otherwise specified/stated in the items description. and get rid of the 28 days bit.

You need to work on your SEO, try chemo's Ultimate SEO url's contribution, header and meta tags etc etc.

A lot of your categories have no products?

I don't like the images on a pink background. I would put them on a white background or frame/border the images

Overall, i think the site looks good and is simple to use, but the colours are a definite no no for me and put me off straight away.





A little knowledge is dangerous, I SHOULD KNOW.

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You must have been lucky selling something in the first few days. Dont take this wrong, but i bet it came from local advertising, unles you were dead lucky and had your site indexed. You have a lot of work ot do on your metatags.


  <title>Home Page  - ::::PuriPuriDepo for Hello Kitty & Friends::::</title>

  <META NAME="Description" Content="- osCommerce : What's New Here? - Hardware Software DVD Movies osCommerce : What's New Here? - Hardware Software DVD Movies">

  <META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="Hardware Software DVD Movies What's New Here? - Hardware Software DVD Movies What's New Here?">

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

  <META NAME="Reply-to" CONTENT="[email protected]">

<!-- EOF: Generated Meta Tags -->


These are your tags from the index page. It looks as if you have added a contribution, but not alterted them.


I too dont like the background, it blends in with the whole look of the site. You need the center page to jump out at your customers. Either darken the whole site, or lighten the background. I suspect the latter would be the easiest to do.


Your hover colour is far too light, on your links. Darken it so it can be read.


Your payment terms and conditions do not make sense.

Credit and Debit card purchases are limited by our third party credit/debit card processor to for non "NOCHEX" members
. You also have this
here.(link to NOCHEX)
but no link. Gave up reading after that.


As already mentioned you have loads of empty categories. Spend a little time adding atleast one product to these, or remove empty ones.


I agree with whats been siad in the previous post.


I would not shop at a site without an ssl. If you dont have a dedicated ssl, why not use a shared one that may be included with your hosting package.


Site is easy to navigate which is a big plus, but terrible to look at. Like i have said, tone down the background. You are getting there keep working at it, and it will improve.


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Thanks for the feedback... I changed the colour and stuff... sometimes it looks a little cluttered... but maybe thats cos I have been looking at it for so long....


I think next I'm gonna open a lingerie store.... mmmm lingerie :P


If anyone else can check it out I'd appreciate it..





Kenny. :D

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