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Discount for sets of a product?


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My client sells tapes from seminars and wants to be able to sell them with discounts the more you buy. I can't figure how to do this, any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.


An example would be: 1 seminar consists of 15 tapes. 1 tape = $10, 6 tapes would be $50 (not $60) and all tapes for $100 (again, not $150). I'd need to set it up so each seminar is it's on entity, different seminars are different prices.


To add a wrinkle, and I think i've figured out this part, a quantity discount is offered too, so if you order 20 of 1 tape, 20 of the same 6-pack and 20 of the full set would also receive discounts.


Thanks in advance !

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We are looking for the same info. There are 2 contributions we found: discount plus



quantity price breaks



Was wondering if there is any feedback on either of these, discount plus looks like it is simpler. We only need price breaks for if someone orders over 11 items of a particular product, not everything in the shop. For you it looks like the quantity price breaks might be more appropriate.

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