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The e-commerce.

oscommerce with additional feat. /special account?


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hi guys


I would like to use oscommerce for a ticket an event store.

But I have one problem

For each event organizer I would like to create for them a special organizer account

So I can split up customers into separate groups for each organizer account.


An organizer account is able to function the same way as any regular customers account but with two additional features added:

-Able view all information about their own members/customers ? (view how many members they have, how many tickets each members has purchased within a year, which event tickets has been purchased and other data other than members postal address or email)

-Able to mass email group members belonging to their own members only.


Such as say for example the entire store has 500 customers(or members)


100 members belong to organizer group1

250 members belong to organizer group2

150 members belong to organizer group3


Organizer group 1 can only see his/her members in group1 only and is

able to send emails to or view his/her members information only.

In this case organizer group 1 can send or view information for 100 members out of the 500 store members only.


NOTE: organizer account is limited and do not have any other administration features other than the features listed above!

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one other question!


will this destroy oscommerce database


if i wrote/used a seperate php program that logins oscommerce database

adds additional tables?

or views selected table (db) information?

(is it possiable or is the database encoded?)

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