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Can this fit my application (Large CSV File)


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I have a large inventory that I need uploaded.


This is a sample of the data:

"Parts No","Parts No NODASH","Mfg","AvgPrice","Qty","Desc","Cond"


"P000331290","P000331290","TOSHIBA","83","2","BASE ASSY: SAT 1800","NEW"

"P000331300","P000331300","TOSHIBA","0","12","SATELLITE 1800-100 BASE ASSY","REF"

"P000331360","P000331360","TOSHIBA","0","10","G SCREW M2.5 X 16 TECRA 9000/9100","REF"

"P000331370","P000331370","TOSHIBA","0","12","TOSHIBA TECRA 9000 G SCREW M2.5X8C","REF"

"P000331460","P000331460","TOSHIBA","0","9","TOSHIBA EMI CORE FOR SAT PRO M10/TECRA 9000","REF"


I have a total of 2,500,000 part numbers.


Can OSCommerce handle this much data?

Can all this be uploaded in one shot?

Can this data be scheduled to automatically download a new list on a schedule?



Please help, this is very important to me.


Jake Jones

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I've read here in the past that a product list in the millions is a bit out of the league of osc the way it handles queries. Apparently it would take serious customization. Something about re-indexing the table and changing the queries in a bunch of files.

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