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Fatal error?


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When I try to access my admin. I get this error:

FATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini, please enable it!

Why all of the sudden am I getting this? What is register globals? How do I fix it?

Thanks again,



More than just my admin, I get it when I try to veiw the site too.

Any ideas, could it be a server error?

"Woohoo, Just Havin Funnn!"

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It is in the php.ini file and you are going to have to have root access to it - your host on a shared account is unlikely to enable it due to security


asa work around you can install URL=http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2097/category,all/search,php.ini]this[/url]



Mark A Reynolds

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Your host set register_globals to off.


Read more about register_globals and security here


You probably don't have access to php.ini on your server. If you do have access set register_globals to on.

If not contact your host and see if they want to enable register_globals.


There's a fix in contributions section, but it's for a clean install and probably won't do you any good.

Forum search

Contributions search

Documentation search (note: docs being adapted for MS3, may be different for MS2)

3 tips for better forum searching


Want to post? Read this first:

osCommerce for dummies

Topic name etiquette



Basics for design

Right syntax to use near '-20, 20'

Cannot re-assign $this

Parse error

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Thanks for the quick relplies!

I have contacted my host with the problem.

I am awaiting their reply...

Just wasn't sure if it was something that I had done. I do have a tendency to muss things up as my signature states.

Greatly appreciate you all,


"Woohoo, Just Havin Funnn!"

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If your hosting company has switched Register Globals to 'Off' in php.ini they should have given their customers a warning that they were about to do it. To just do it and to have customer sites go down as a result is very bad.


I do not normally recommend this, but to get your site back up and running (and because your hosting company have been so inconsiderate), put this piece of code in a .htaccess file in the root of your web.


php_flag register_globals on



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Ok, I fixed it. It seems that they had posted a warning in their forums a few weeks back, I missed it because I usually hang out around here. It seems that would have e-mailed me though? Anyway, thanks for all the help.

Always greatful,


"Woohoo, Just Havin Funnn!"

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