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LinkpointConnect - back to Log In screen - help!


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I'm using the LinkPoint Connect payment module. Here is the store URL:



Problem - when a user goes confirms their order, instead of connecting to LinkPoint, they are booted back to the Log In screen. This HAS to relate to the addition of "false" in checkout_payment.php that is supposed to remove the session ID, somehow it is not working.


I tested by removing the "false" from checkout_payment.php that is meant to remove the session ID so that LinkPoint can recognize the form URL, then I connect to LinkPoint just fine but of course, LinkPoint can't process as it does not recognize the form URL, so I get a form processing error.


What's making me nuts is I just did another store several weeks ago that the client had the exact same set up, https://www.creativescreenwriting.com/catalog/


Here I integrated LinkPoint Connect and it's working just fine. I even replaced the entire confirm_payment.php file with the one from that site, just to see if it would work, and it made the same error here, (returns customer to the Log In page) even though it works on the other site.


I am at a loss! Please help!




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Hi All,


I just decided to scrap LinkPoint Connect and use the Linkpoint API Contribution instead, as I can't figure out the issue.


So, don't go to the site to check, but I'm sure if other users are still trying to use the LinkPoint Connect they'd appreciate replies to this.



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I'm having exactly the same problem with the goemerchant payment mudule and I have got to get it fixed today or I'm dead meat.


If the customer doesn't get returned to the confirmation page, then no order e-mails get sent out.

How is it that this glitch wasn't seen in testing?

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Anyone ever figure this out? Ours was working fine until we had to update to the new API (6.0) and now we bounce back to the payment screen.


I figured it out with the goemerchant module - turns out changes in the admin screen weren't reflecting in the module. I had to go into the module and hardcode the merchant id and change the "ssl=false" to "ssl=true"

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