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The e-commerce.

Strange goings on with gap at top of page???!!


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I had osCommerce up and running beautifully. Then the Nochex APC module ruined it.


But no problem, I'd backed up (by FTP download) the entire contents of my osCommerce folder. So I deleted everything on the server, and put back the backup.


But now the default grey/blue bar at the top of the page (the one with Top ? Catalog on the left and My Account | Cart Contents | Checkout on the right) is a few pixels lower than where it should be. So there's a few pixels gap above and below the store icon. It's the same on every single page, including the admin section.


Any idea how this happens? The only thing that's changed is the folder permissions. All php and css files are identical to before?????? so how is this possible??? The image is the same size too (obviously!) - 204px x 50px - but now there's a small gap above and below.


Please, any ideas??!? ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH :'(

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If you post your URL, we can help better.


A BIG help for me on these types of issues is Firefox with the Web Developer's extension. For one thing, it can outline all table cells for you. It helps a lot to track down problems.



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Thanks for the reply.


I ended up going nuclear and deleting the entire store, database, everything, then starting again.


That fixed it :)


Ultimately I have no idea what caused it but turning on table outline (good idea btw, thanks) in web developer showed it was definitely some sort of spacing above and below the logo in the table/row that holds the logo and My Account, Cart Contents etc icons at the top of the page...

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