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Shopping cart not reset after purchase.


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I am sending the purchased information to the PayPal developer (sandbox) before going live. The sandbox is set up like a real PayPal site, but with play money. Also the confirmation emails from PayPal are sent to a folder within the Sandbox.


My problem is after a transaction, upon returning to the shopping cart and logging in, the items are is still in the checkout.


Does OSCommerce need to have a confirmation email, or something sent back, to reset the shopping cart to 0, or am I overlooking a setting within OSCommerce ?

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Last night I installed the PayPal_Shopping_Cart_IPN contribution:


which gave a lot more customer control over the data being sent to PayPal. It is still running through the Sandbox test.


Apparently that wasn?t the cause of the original issue. Everything works great, with the exception of the shopping cart still not being reset to 0 after a purchase.


I also followed the strings showtopic=24165&hl= and showtopic=25487&hl=, where they had similar problems with the order not showing up in /admin/


Their solutions didn't fix mine. Any idea if it will work when run through the Real PayPal?

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The cart should be reset in the before_process() function in paypal_ipn.php

by this line:




Which should also reset the customer cart contents in the database, just before forwarding to the success screen.


You would need to make sure this is being called correctly.


The whole idea of the sandbox is that it is a duplicate of the real PayPal. If it doesn't work in the sandbox, it won't work on the live system.

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Thanks for the reply. I found the item that was holding me up by looking through and trying the features in the admin panel.


Under Configuration > Sessions > Check SSL Session ID.


It worked after changing it from False to True.

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One other change I forgot to mention was in the new and improved PayPal Module (paypal IPN contribution).


Under admin/Modules/Payment. At the very bottom of the edit is:


Return URL behavior

How should the customer be sent back from PayPal to the specified URL?

0=No IPN, 1=GET, 2=POST


Changed it from Get to Post


It works.


http://www.stashak.com/ Going live June 15, 2005


* * *

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