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Double info boxes


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I would appreciate any thoughts or directions on this problem. I am exceedingly new to this so please bear with me (new as in a whole week). I have 2 What's New boxes in my left column and I do not know how that even happened. I was adding mods and not sure when it happened. Before I took out the sample database info, the two boxes had different information in each which was fine. When I went to my own database info they are always identical. I either want 1 or 2 boxes that show different items. What am I missing???


You can see the issue easily at my site. www.replaykids.com/catalog/ My column_left.php didn't show any duplicates as far as I could tell. I don't even know where to start looking for the problem. I would be forever greatful for any assistance or direction!


Thank you!!!

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looks as if you've made a mistake in your class's in "class/boxes.php" and wish your boxes and stylesheet


I made the same mistake this morning when i was fiddling around

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Looking at the html source, you can see where you have the picture of the NEW product twice. First you have


Gymboree SEA HORSE one peice Gymmies Size 3-6 Months</a><br>$4.99</td>


right BEFORE the


<!-- whats_new_eof //-->


Then a little further down you have the same picture and text


alt="Gymboree SEA HORSE one peice Gymmies Size 3-6 Months" title=" Gymboree SEA HORSE one peice Gymmies Size 3-6 Months " width="100" height="150"></a><br>


You probably installed one of the mods incorrectly and didn't delete or replace the lines of code as instructed. I'll bet if you go back to the unmodified html it will look OK.

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Thank you!!! I guess I am lost. I restored the HTML Output file but didn't work. I am assuming that is what you meant.


I commented out the what's new box which eliminated that box but then the manufacturers box doubled. I also noticed that the Information title is missing. I have looked high and low in the original files as well as in what I have now and I can't find where this info would be so I could see how to fix it. Any clues???


Thank you


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