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The e-commerce.

I Styill can't get it right. Xammp and Oscommmere


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It seems that XAMPP is installed yet nothing happens on the screen also Oscommerce when I click install all I get is the Notepad with file info displayed and nothing esle. I think I need to unistall and remove oscommerce and then re-download it again. Any ideas I appreciate any help I can get.


I am using Oscommerce with a hosting site provided thru there web builder and linked but I want to transfer all the data to my drive. Thats why I'm trying to get oscmmerce working on my drive.

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To test out whether or not XAMPP is installed (it does not appear to be), input the following addresses into your web browser:


http://localhost (should give you the default XAMPP page)

http://localhost/phpmyadmin (should take you to phpmyadmin)


You are currently seeing text output onto your screen, which is a sure sign that PHP is not installed, and if PHP is not installed then XAMPP won't be installed either).


If you are trying to download a site that has been built with a piece of Web Builder software then it's unlikely to work on your computer. Web Builder software usually stores most of the information on another server away from your website, and you won't have access to it.


But it may be that you are referring not to Web Builder software but to simple 1-click automated installs of osCommerce (Fantastico, Ensim Power Tools) in which case all of the files will be there to download.



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