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Order Archive (advice on a new contribution?)


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I haven't found a contribution that allows you to archive an order rather than deleting it. Does one of these exist?


If not, I'm just going to set this up myself. But I had a question. What is the better way to go about archiving an order? I figure it would be done between the following 2 ways:


(1) New Field - Create a new field in the order tables to act as an archive flag. Adjust queries to NOT report on orders flagged as archived.


(2) New Tables - Create new archive tables, and move the entire records from the "live" tables to the "archived" tables.


Which of these methods would be a more efficient way to implement this feature, if its not already implemented? Would moving records from the "live" orders tables increase the speed of queries at all.. or should it not make a difference keeping them all in the same tables?

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