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Parse errors, logos, and text...oh my!


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I am trying to set up a store with OsCommerce. I am an XO customer from way back, with one of their e-commerce templates currently running on my website. They have recently told me that they were no longer offering support for my store and suggested I switch to OsCommerce, albeit through my existing account at XO. So, I downloaded from XO's website, and I get Administration tools but am not able to access many of the OsCommerce files for editing to create my store. XO washed their hands of me at this point, offering no support or advice, only to "contact OsCommerce's Customer Support" of which I have so far found none aside from this wonderful message board. I have been able to monkey with permissions and such and get things to the point where I have been able to change designs on stylesheet, etc., but then I tried to change the OsCommerce logo on the default store homepage and ran into all sorts of "Cannot write to this file" errors. Then, I Finally got my logo up...hooray! Enraptured with my success, I tried to change the text on the "Welcome to the OsCommerce default" line in the index.php file ...and all hell has broken loose. I now get the following when I try to pull my "online catalog" storefront up:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in /web/osc/includes/languages/english/index.php on line 13


...all on a lovely plain white page of doom. Then, I tried to go to the "Backup" tool to see if I could go back to a recent save point, and I get this:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /web/osc/admin/backup.php on line 57


...again, on a white background. I see that all of my files are intact in the Administration hierarchy, but my site is gone! Help!

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You probably tried to edit using the file manager that comes with oscommerce, there are bugs with it that can cause problems.


You need to download the files to your computer, edit then reupload.

You also have to put \ before any apostrphes in text, when editing the language file. For example.. What's new here? would be What\'s new here?


Hope that helps some. =)

Wendy James


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

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contact OsCommerce's Customer Support

Hmm, sounds as though they just dumped you here with no support...


Maybe I can help you with your first error. You didn't use the admin->file manager? Don't it's buggy.


The backup tool is for the database only. Always make a backup of the file you are editing yourself.


Because you mention the backup tool I have a feeling you don't have a backup of the file. If not, and you used the file manager from osCommerce admin, download a clean osCommerce and replace this file.


A reason for the error is most likely a missing ' or a ' in the text without a \ in front. All apostrophes in the text need to be escaped by putting a \ in front.


Also check for duplicate '

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