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Elastic path style attributes?


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For the last couple of days I've been reading the database schema for the Elastic Path Java eCommerce software. The program does not seem very complicated but does cost $12k!!!


I am wondering what others think of the attributes system Elastic Path uses and if osCommerce can do the same. I can see that with the Elastic Path attributes the website developer does not have to add different fields in the data base's product table for different parts of the catalog or different stores. All that is required is a new template to display the data in the attribute group. This means every store developed with Elastic Path will have the same database/tables/fields. The attribute values are stored in a bit of a mess but easily untangled. I guess it saves re-programming in the data objects level for every store developed. How valuable is this?








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Well the stock OSC attribute system is quite poor but a little moding and coding you should be able to make it work for your needs. It doesnt require new tables or fields for different attributes. they attribute are all saved in common tables with parent-child relation and then attached to a product. the main deficiency is quantity management so the customer cant order products you dont have.




Product 1














[ 0] Red Small

[ 99] Red Medium

[ 99] Red Large


[ 99] Green Small

[ 0] Green Medium

[ 99] Green Large


[ 99] Blue Small

[ 99] Blue Medium

[ 0] Blue Large


A quick look at one of the elasti store samples would allow someone to order Green Medium and the same is true for OSC.


Anyway look in the contributins for qtpro and attributes for more.



If your from the elasti whatever marketing department I doubt you will curve anyone from these forums to that product :'(

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Thanks for the reply. I was wondering about quantities and stock management. It looked like this kind of thing was impossible(difficult) with the attributes system. I will look for the contributions that you mentioned.


Thanks again,



PS. Not from Elastic Path & don't want to spend $12000 for a system that looks completely reproducable.

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