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I'm designing a site for a legal research firm (as a favor for a friend), and a friend of mine suggested that I use a shopping cart script to accomplish what I need to do. I need to have customers be able to log in to their account and have their address/company info. and order history all saved. Then, I need them to be able to submit new orders. So, I started looking around for a shopping cart script and found osC. I have installed it on my server to play around with, and like it a lot, but don't quite know how to do the following:


If it's possible, I need to allow customers to fill out a form, selecting things like county information, and entering in data like addresses, and then have this form mailed to a person. This is NOT their regular address, etc. This info. is the actual order, or product you could say.


This is the actual page that was previously developed and isn't in use. The company would like for me to replace it:




So, I am trying to make that form the actual product, if that makes sense...


Thanks in advance!!

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