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please help upload image problem


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When I create a new product, and I upload the product image from my computer to web, how come it always upload to /images root directry. Doesn't matter what Manufacturers or Category I put it under, it just upload to /images folder which is very messy when I have lot products in the database. Is it possible to put new product image under Manufacturers or Category name folder inside /images directory. Or did I do something wrong here. Please help.


thank you

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The path to 'images' set in your configure.php file is set to 'images/' your main image folder, and this is where product images normally go to when uploaded, when not assigned to a Manufacturer.


If you set up a Manufacturer then the Manufacturers image also goes into the images/ folder, but if you then add products to that Manufacturer then the product images should go into the folder for that Manufacturer - provided that when you add the product to the catalog you select a Manufacturer from the pull-down menu.



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Yeah thats what I want, but the problem is even when I select a Manufacturer , it still not putting the image inside the image/xxx folder (where xxx is name of any Manufacturer). It just dump all pics into images folder, very messy.


PS I did not change any of the codings

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