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Product options/attributes


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I'm not real sure what to search for, but I did search through "product attributes" results and didn't find an answer to my question.


I'm new to OsC. I'm working on a site that has about 100 products, and most of those have product options, many times multiple options. The number of options values varies with the specific option, but almost all products will have a product option with over 200 options values. The product itself will change, but the product options (and option values) will be consistent from product to product.


The problem is that it looks like I need to add each option value for each attribute individually for each product. Gonna take me a week to do that.


Is there a way to define an product option with all the option values, and then just assign that product option to a product, without having to assign each option value, in each product option, to every product?


In other words, I want to make a product like a shirt, and assign it a size product option, with S, M, L, and XL option values. I want to set up the shirt, select the size product option, and OsC will automatically put S, M, L, and XL as option values in a drop down box. How do I setup OsC to do that?


Hope I am making myself clear.




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There is a contribution that allows you to add attributes into sets, then you choose your sets when entering the product Takes some time setting it up, but once you have your sets it is as simple as using a drop down box when adding a new product.





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