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Help! Customers carts merging into each other!


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The OScommerce site has been working fine for six months or so.


Now all of a sudden a problem is occurring: customers orders are merging together. It seems if two people are ordering the same product at the same time, the order gets merged.


The result is an order in the admin area that has a customers details, with a totally different customer in the shipping address part. And only one customer has had an account created.


Very strange! Is this some kinf of sessions problem perhaps? Any ideas?



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Do you have inbound links containing session IDs in the URL? Are you recreating the sessions when a user logs in? Do you have PWA installed?


This issue has come up several times before and I don't think the exact cause was ever pinned down - you can try searching for it.

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At a rough guess I'd say you are storing session data in files and not in the database. Make sure that the last line of both configure.php files read 'mysql' where indicated.


Also is you have Use Cache set to 'true' set it to 'false' - as this can cause problems when on a shared server.



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