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Linkpoint PWA and curl


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My client is using Linkpoint API which uses curl. We have switched from authorize.net to linkpoint because of identical problems.


Linkpoint only works when paywithoutaccount is not installed. Once PWA is installed, I get a curl not executed error.


My client is getting furious and I'm about to the point of paying someone out of my own pocket to get this resolved. She is adamant about installing PWA. I've lost hundreds of dollars while trying to fix this.




I've posted several different messages under different topics and am getting no response.

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Some things to consider.


The "curl not executed" error actually means that the response back from linkpoint was a null value. Your curl is ok its the process sending data to Linkpoint that has something "missing".


Since Linkpoint works when PWA is not installed, there must be a customer field that is not being populated in PWA that Linkpoint really wants to have. When the transaction with the missing field is processed on Linkpoint, Linkpoint is just ignoring the transaction and not replying back.


Try loging into to your Linkpoint Central account and look at the transaction log to see if you can find the missing field or reason that the transaction is ignored.


The next step would be to debug and print out (log or whatever) the actual post variables being sent to Linkpoint with and withour PWA to isolate what is missing.




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I'm thinking you're right. But linkpoint provides no error logs in its control panel and I haven't been able to get through to api support. Anybody know more about linkpoint and error logs.

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