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reports questions (basic programming)


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i have dowloaded a Monthly Sales Report ( contribuitor ) works great.


in order for me to view the report i have to type the complete url

" mystore.com/catalog/admin/stats_monthly_sales.php "


that sucks, so my goal is to add a link in the administration panel, under reports for montly sales reports.


so here is what i did:


i went to admin/boxes/reports.php and edit the reports.php


and added to the code:


'<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_STATS_MONTHLY_SALES, '', 'NONSSL') . '" class="menuBoxContentLink">' . BOX_REPORTS_MONTHLY_SALES . '</a><br>' .


but when i go to the administration menu under reports i see a link




and when i click on it takes me to




ALL the other 3 links are in the same format and its displaying the correct information.


i think there must be a file somewhere that that i have to edit that will translates:





FILENAME_STATS_MONTHLY_SALES to stats_monthly_sales.php


am i correct ? if so how do i do that?


thanks in advance

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Look in filenames.php in admin/includes and admin/includes/languages/english.php

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