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The only way to do that would be to create a new function that resizes the images (you could just copy/rename the old one) and use that new function where you need it.



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There may be an easier way - depends if I've understood your use of the words "main text area" right


If by this you mean the product_info.php page that details your proudct then there is an alternative way. One of the multiple image contribs such as UltraPics would allow you to use different size images for the small thumb, the larger image use on product_info and a bigger image still on the pop_up image - so on the product_info.php page I'm using a 200 x 200px image


This is the approach I use and I batch proces my images offfline into 100px, 200px and 400px images. It's a less codey way of doing stuff but might suit your purpose



there are downsides - you might not want to generate multiple images offline - there are upsides...makes using multiple images a lot easier


there again, you might not have meant product_info at all in the first place

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