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Order number vs Invoice number ?


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Hi all


I'm starting a business in the UK, selling goods. I'm VAT registered and invoices must have a unique number.


Although most of the products sold will go through the osCommerce site, they will be some sales outside the osCommerce site.


I haven't set up the osCommerce site yet and currently produce invoices in Sage Accounts Plus. I will want to put all the osCommerce orders through Sage however I've come up with the following issue.


Sage already generates a unique invoice number for the sales I have outside osCommerce. So when sales come from osCommerce with their own unique order number, these may clash with invoice numbers already created in Sage. So should I generate a new invoice number in sage for the osCommerce sales?


This would mean each osCommerce sale would have a unique order number from the website and a unique invoice number generated by Sage.


Does this sound correct or does anyone have any better suggestion?

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For efficiency, I would just set the starting number in one of them in a much higher range so that they won't clash. For example, start sage in at 1000 and osc at 100000.

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I had the same problem, and got a bit of a telling off from the VAT man as the invoices generated by oscommerce werent numbered.


I soon added a bit onto the invoice.php page so it sticks the invoice number in the top right corner.


I have added a manual order entry contribution, so I now stick all my orders through oscommerce, which I think works quite well, so even if someone orders over the phone, I stick the order through oscommerce.


It is also good as it emails them an order confirmation, and an email with their login details so they can check their order status, and their details are allready on there incase they want to order online in the futute.


Works fine for me, as I just do internet or phone orders, but wouldnt really work for people who came into a shop, as would be a bit slow.


I suppose you could have one account set up that you call "retail cash" and stick any over counter sales through that, so you wouldnt have to take the details off every customer.

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