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osCommerce & phpbb2


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I have both of these installed and working, and I've also installed the bridge from the contrib section...but we've encountered a small glitch


When our customers create their account in osCommerce, they create a user name for the forums. When they click on the forum link, it takes them to the forum but signs them out in the process. When they click the login button in the forums, it takes them back to oscommerce to log in......and then when they click the forum link, it logs them out again on the way to the forums....


The creator of the bridge program thinks this is due to the fact we are using a shared SSL cert - so is anybody else out there using a shared SSL with these two programs and not having a problem?


We just haven't got the funds at the moment to spring for our own SSL cert, so we're trying to figure out a way to get around this issue.....I figure we have two options:


1) uninstall the bridge, making our customers have to create two accounts

2) uninstall the shared cert, making our customers have to call us with their CC# as the shopping cart would no longer be secure......


Any advice or ideas?

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try disabling the ssl and see what happens upon signing up. that will prove to you if it is in fact a problem with ssl or not. if still the same problem, then it isnt the shared ssl.

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Thanks for the advice - I just disabled the SSL, and I have no problems going from one to the other now.....


crud - any suggestions??

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