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New Clothing Line: Will This Work?


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Hello to all in the OSC community,


I've browsed the through board for a good few hours, so I know that obviously there are alot of newbs here. I'm one of them in regards to this particular program.


Here's what I'm looking to do and I believe OSC can handle running it. I'm starting a clothing line, so design is almost as important as function. The whole concept of our clothing line is looking so good that you can't stop looking at your self in the mirror; hence the name Narcissist Clothing. With this said, I am wondering if OSC will be able to handle my needs.


First off, here is a mockup of the site design:




Secondly, I found the contribution QTPro and I sucessfully installed that to handle our inventory/stock. Based on the design above, what other contributions/hacks would you recommend to get the job done?


Please advise! I'm all set to get my feet wet, and i'd love for your guy's help.



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so design is almost as important as function


Form and function go together. A site that works great but looks like rubbish won't do well, and a site that look great but doesn't function properly won't do well either.


Based on the image a good start would be to use my contribution 'Fixed Width Site With CSS'. It requires one div class in the header, a close div tag in the footer, and a small piece of code in the stylesheet. It'll make your store a fixed width, centre it on the screen, give you your red border, and allow you to use a background colour or image outside of the fixed width of the site. It works on IE, Opera, Mozilla, Firefox and Safari browsers.


You should look in contributions for one that gives you Category tabs (amazon style) in your header, which also fits in with the image you've posted.



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If you can dream it, you just have to figure out the code to make it!


In addition to the suggestions already given, you'll have two tables in your header, one for the logo, one for the 4 buttons on the right. You can get the code to make them functional from the current nav bar (which you'll modify to create the tabs you want instead).


Move the cart from column_right.php to column_left.php Comment out the boxes you don't need while you're in there, including the catalog tree (don't delete the code, you might want or need it later!). Copy the new products code from index.php into column_left, and modify to just show one product at a time. Duplicate the functionality, to use for the rejects.


Modify the catalog level pags to swap the code calling for column_right in between the end of column_left code, and the body code. That should make it so you can use the right column to produce the red part of the page you show, while the body text should show up to the right.


You'll need to come up with your own coding to produce the stock indicators. There already is code for tell a friend, and a reviews box.



Some contribs will enable you to show more than one pic for the product listing, and you'll just want to rearrange some of the stock layout to get what you need in product_info.php. The attributes can handle the colour and size options, but you'll want to do a bit of modding to control the display order, and add in the inventory control functionality. I think qtpro does that, but you already know that better than I do!


You can probably use a sitemap or all products contrib to produce your catalog page. There are contribs that will make it easy to create the extra info pages you want too.


Rejected would just be handled as a category of products, just with it's own box, and tab at the top, but basically displayed the same as any other category and products.


Modify the footer to link to your info pages as needed. Be sure you do it with tep ref links, not just normal html href links, or you'll run into session preservation problems.


There are threads on all of the things I've mentioned, except your stock dispaly, and there might even be threads or even a contrib for that too!


Good luck, that's a good looking design I think!



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QT Pro

Dynamic MoPics

A lot of layout changes ;)


The functionality looks fairly stock OSC, just need to change a lot of layout/style. Get as much style into CSS as possible (you might want to change stuff later). Really doesn't look too indepth..


You probably want to invest a lot of time into getting your photos just right. They will REALLY make the site stand out.


Probably want some kind of subnavigation as well.

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Thanks for all of the info everyone! Especially to Jeremy.


One thing I'm wondering though, do you think I will be able to pull something off like that stock chart? If not, its no big deal. But it would be nice.


Thanks for the help. Any other layout suggestions and where to find code and stuff would be very helpful!

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One thing I'm wondering though, do you think I will be able to pull something off like that stock chart? If not, its no big deal. But it would be nice.


That shouldn't be a problem. The QT Pro stuff will have that info....

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The stock chart shouldn't be too hard to pull off either, for a start I'd look at the code that phpbb2 uses to display poll results. Phpbb2 is an open source forum, which has a poll feature, and the way it shows the results is similar enough to the way you want your stock indicator that it would be a good head start, in terms of how the php/sql code could be handled.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for the compliment.


It took us about a week to finalize the design. We had the idea and sketches going for about 2 weeks, but only a week to slice it up and code it in css and html.


The hard part was making osC work around it.


As you mentioned, this is our very first time using osC. We spent a week and a half straight on it, putting in 15 hour days.


And oh man, is it good to be done!

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