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Changed servers now admin prob's


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Hi all,


Hope someone maybe able to help as it is baffling me :blink:


OK - I transferred and existing store from one server to another.


When I finally worked out that the new server had PHP 5 on it I

was able to make changes to get the store up and running on the

new site.


Everything appears to be ok - apart from one thing....


I can't get into the admin section ;)


When I try it puts up the admin/password prompt - but

it always says the username/password is incorrect. I have

tried various configurations but it just doesn't seem to like

what I input.


I have checked the admin config file and everything appears fine -

I have also deleted the .htaccess file - it still comes up with the prompt.

I have uploaded the .htaccess file again - still the same thing. I have created

a new .htaccess and .htpasswd file and still I cannot get into it :blush:


I have searched for a solution in the forums but nothing appears to work.


Has anyone any suggestions as to what to do next?



Any help gratefully appreciated!






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Go to your web hosting control panel and use the Password Protect or Directory Protection feature to password protect your 'admin' folder. This will have the effect of overwriting any previous password protection on that folder with a User Name and Password that you know.



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Thanks Vger for the reply - much appreciated!


I have looked again at the problem and think that it may

not be the .htaccess causing the issues. It has been a while

since I originally setup the site and have just moved it from

a server with PHP4 to one with PHP5.


Looking at the admin section there is a file called authen.php

which seems to pull the admin username & password from the

configure.php file. I have checked both of these and entered

them in at the prompt - but am still unable to gain access.


Does anyone know of any difference PHP5 would make to logging

into the admin section? I have checked the configure.php file against

another working version that I have running and it all seems to be

correct. Still I cannot get in though and have lost much hair in the

process ;-)


All other aspects of the site seem to be ok - apart from the admin side.



Any help greatly appreciated!





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Hi all,


I've gone through the admin config file and compared it to

a working version and everything appears fine.


I have checked the permissions on the files and everything is correct.


I have checked the path to ensure that is correct and no problems there either.


Unfortunately I have run out of things to check :blush:


I haven't had this problem before when I have moved servers so am

not sure whether it's PHP5 related.


I can pay a small amount via Paypal if anyone is willing to take a look

and fix (would need to let me know what it was as it's bugging me)

- after a day and a bit on this I just need to get it resolved :o


Any help appreciated.






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Hi all,


Just an update in case anyone else comes up against the same problem.


I managed to find that I had installed a contrib that secured the admin

section - I had done this a long time ago. It would appear that this contrib

did not like working with PHP5 - so after finding it again I was able to

go through the individual files and remove any trace of it. This has removed

the problem and I am now able to access the admin section without issues.







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