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The e-commerce.

Looking for feedback...


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I'm hoping to go live in a week or so and was wondering if you could review my site at www.localtastes.co.uk/catalog


I own a food store which only stocks produce from with 30 miles of the shop - so it is pretty unusual!


The site is on a TEST SERVER so no money will be taken from your account.


I know I still have to:

a) upload more products and photos

B) create a proper header

c) add more written content onto my main info pages


What do you think I should be working on? Are there any glaring errors - either in security or layout?


I hope the site is caching to a folder above my public_html folder - how can I check this?


How can I create links within a page? In html I used page tags to help navigate long pages...how do I set them up here?


Many thanks in advance, Geoff

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Get rid of the "welcome! would you like to log......" , or at least change it to something more personal.


You need to have a decent graphic or two on the front page to attract the attention of your guests.


Remove the parse time message from the bootom of the screen, it is meeningless to the majority of people.


You need another colour other than green to add some life to your store. Everything is green. :'(


Your tabs are nice, but there are too many of them. "about us" " our shop" and "online shop" could all be in one tab unless you intend to offer lot more information and or graphics.


Not much details included yet, so it is hard to make too many comments.




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