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Html Problem with Newsletters


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Hi all.

I'm trying to use the newsletter system for send notifications to my clients. My problem it's that i write html code composed by 3 tables with images and text.

When i go to he preview option for see the result, i get a lot of spaces between the tables (the code it's perfect in dream weaver for example).


I have installed a WYSIWYG editor and in the visual mode the code goes perfect, the tables don't have this spaces but when i accept and push in preview option i see another time the problem os the space between tables. And if i send the newsletter the mail received has the spaces between tables.


Any body knows how can i solve this problem ?

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I don't know what your contribution does, but the standard code for sending HTML e-mails in osC has some issues, one of which is that it inserts a <br> after every "line" of the source.


Try this, In includes/classes/email/php, around line 159, change:

      $this->html = tep_convert_linefeeds(array("\r\n", "\n", "\r"), '<br>', $html);


      $this->html = $html;

You'll want to make this change for both catalog and admin.

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