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Shipping Zones


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hm i probably sound stupid, but ive been trying to figure this out for hours.


ive installed the shipping file that allows for WORLD (rest of the world) but im having bad trouble gettting things right.


i want 3 zones (so ive edited shipping.php) and made


$this->num_zones = 3;


and under that is :


// class methods
   function quote($method = '') {
     global $order, $shipping_weight;

     $dest_country = $order->delivery['country']['iso_code_2'];
     $dest_zone = 0;
     $error = false;

     for ($i=1; $i<=$this->num_zones; $i++) {
       $countries_table = constant('MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONES_COUNTRIES_' . $i);
       $country_zones = split("[,]", $countries_table);
       if (in_array($dest_country, $country_zones)) {
         $dest_zone = $i;
// rest of the world
       if ($countries_table == 'WORLD') {
         $dest_zone = $i;
// rest of the world eof


when im in the admin panel, i expected it to let me edit more than one zone, but theres only 1 zone i can edit.


help, how do i do this? :(

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sok found the answer on google. didnt realise you have to remove and reinstall the shipping module to pick up the extra zones.

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