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Restraint width of Page


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Hi all,

I have a really quick question and hopefully you all have a quick answer! I have been killing myself trying to fix the page width. On most pages it looks fine but on the index page and the product description page (and others) the page goes out the whole width of the page. It looks dorky and I just want a fixed width for the html output, but all i can think to do is to change every page's code. :(


There has to be an easier way....right?



Thanks so much!


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To have a fixed size you can either use a contribution or you can define the table widths for the main tables on all of your main pages, and the header and footer. I specify width of 770 when I want to center the shop and keep all of the pages the same. Sounds like a lot of work but it should only take 5-10 minutes at the most.

Wendy James


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Jenn - since those pages are displaying images, it could be that your images are too wide for the page size you want. No matter how you limit it, if the content is too wide, the page size will change. You should do as Wendy suggested but keep in mind that it won't work if the content is too wide.



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