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Product Attributes problems, please help


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guys i duno know where to start but i set the product attributes and when i view the product through the catalog it does not show the options.. any idea where i can check to see why its not working?



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It is very complicated. I'd recommend installing this mod: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,174


which makes it much easier.


For the current one first you have to make the options. All of them. Then for each option you need to add the necessary values. Thats on the right side. Once you have those down at the bottom you need to actually add the options to your products. So you select your product, then the option then the value for it and the price.


So if you made an option called Size. Then you added values "small" "medium" and "large" you will need to add all of those three values to every product you need. So if its for a T-Shirt then you select your T-Shirt from products pull down menu, then you pick SIZE from option, and finally you pick "small" from value and put the price difference. Then you do the same for normal and large. Hope this made sense.


The contrib makes it mUCH easier.

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